Monday, January 11, 2010

Sure, kick me while I'm down

There is a song that I heard on the radio today, it's by Tim McGraw. The first part is:
"You know those times when you feel that there's a sign there on your back, says I don' t mind if you kick me, seems like every body has. Things go from bad to worse, you think they can't get worse than than, and then they do." Well, my life kinda feels like that right now. With the economy being what it is, the poor job market, and the college fees going up so we can't afford for my husband to take classes this semester, and being so far upside down in the mortgage that we can't get out from under the house, I'm a little on edge lately. Every little thing right now pushes me over the edge.

I'm sitting in my living room, stewing over my darling husband not doing the one thing I asked him to today. Just drop a couple things off at the post office. Home all day, all he had to do was watch our son (who's almost 14, so it's not a full time thing), and take him to Karate class. I get home, and what do I see, the packages still sitting on the table where I left them for him last night. Customer orders that really needed to ship today, and here they are gathering dust.

I know I'm over reacting, but I was so mad when I saw them that I started yelling at my empty house. You'd think that working a full time job, and trying to run a small business on the side that he could step in and handle the important little things for me. It's not like he's working right now or going to school. Which is part of the problem.

Top it all off, he just called to let me know they were headed home, and could hear in my voice that I was upset about something. I told him why I was upset, and he felt so bad and apologized over and over, which just made me start crying. I know I must be totally stressed out if an apology can make me cry like that.

How do you get your life back on track when you're so derailed you can't even see the tracks anymore? One day, one step, one inch at a time.

Until next time,

The Blogoholic