Thursday, August 5, 2010

High School? Really?

Today I registered my baby boy for high school (don't tell him I called him that). I can't believe DB is 14 years old and about to be a freshman! To top it off, now that we are out of that horrible district, we're putting him back in public school. His dad and I got a chance to meet his counselor, the soccer and baseball coach (he's trying out for both), and get a look around the school.

We've got his new backpack ready to go. New shoes, new haircut, new clothes (well, some anyway), and it doesn't feel real. When did he grow up? And when did he get taller than me? It happens so fast. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and enjoy more of his growing up again. Ah, to re-live the first steps, his first words, that cute baby smile, his adorable baby giggle, and all the other things that make up for the late nights, teething, and diaper changes. Alas, it's a one time deal.

I'm very proud of the man he's growing up to be. If he focuses and puts his mind to it, he's got a big bright future ahead of him. He's brilliant (and that's not just the mom in me talking), fit, athletic, and totally adorable. I just can't believe it's happening so fast. GB decided to comfort me by reminding me that soon he will have his Senior Ball and be graduating. Thanks a lot. Why not twist the knife a little and tell me soon he'll be moved out, married and have a family of his own. *sigh* What's a mother to do.

Guess I just need to put on a happy face and be encouraging and there for him, it's not easy. Sure does make me appreciate my mom more. Love you mom!

Until next time,
The Blogoholic

Monday, August 2, 2010

Do Your Part Against Childhood Obesity

For no cost, you can help this problem, and get a little something in return too.

Childhood is a growing problem, and we can all do our parts. The First Lady, Michelle Obama is running a contest for "apps for healthy kids." One of my favorite little companies, Break Pal, is a finalist in this contest. They are trying to get their app into the schools to help kids, not just to help with the obesity rates, but the mini exercise breaks help with concentration too (this is true for adults as well). Break Pal integrates exercise right into the daily routine in short bursts, I've been using it and it helps with my productivity at work.

Please take a moment to register and vote for them, it's a great product that could really benefit our youth and give them longer healthier lives.

If not for the kids, do a little something for yourself. Here's part of a message I received from Phil at Break Pal (he and his wife are the owners):

Our application is the only one to integrate exercise into the day and also teach about nutrition.

Unfortunately we are a very small organization. Just my wife and Myself. We bootstrapped the entire project and built the app without outside funding.

We are competing against huge national corporations and unfortunately they are using their marketing power to garner votes for their apps and are leaving us in the dust. Some of them have PR firms working for them to get votes and I'm sure many ask their hundreds of employees to vote.

This is Where You Come In

I think that maybe bloggers can compete against these PR firms. It's worth a shot. Who better is there?

So I've decided to do something drastic.

I'm going to give out a premium version to anyone who votes for our app. They just have to contact me and tell me they voted and I'll give them a premium account. No catch. A free premium account and a thank you for voting.

It takes less than 90 seconds to vote.

What do you think? Would you vote for us? Would you be willing to spread the word? Maybe post it on your blog. It wouldn't take a full review or anything (unless you felt like it). Just a post saying we're giving away as many free memberships as people will vote for us.

As a blogger I'm sure you know all about contests and how great it is to win one. Getting into this contest has been the biggest thing that's happened to us and we really hope it can launch our program. This will bring it nationwide exposure.

If your interested here's some information

Easy voting instructions (this will take less than 90 seconds):

1) The fastest way to vote is to go directly to the registration page first.
2) You'll then need to confirm your email address (don't worry they won't spam you)

3) Go directly to our app and click vote
4) Bonus - Share on facebook and twitter.

That's it!!!

We've produced a video on the subject with the help of our local 
Public access Television station. If you've got time there's some great information here.
Thank You, we really appreciate your support

Phil Weaver

(209) 772-1954
139 Main St.
Valley Springs, CA 95252

So please, take a moment and help out our pals ant Break Pal. And if your really feeling generous, share on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site you use. You can link to this post for instructions.

Until next time,
The Blogoholic