Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Around the World

My wonderful son, the adorable teenager that he is, has interesting taste in music. He's very open minded, enjoying everything from Bach to Linkin Park. Today he's decided to listen to the same song, over and over again. Have you heard the Around the World song? It's very repetative, and it goes like this: Around the world, around the world, around the world, around the world, around the world.... etc. You get the point. But in case you don't, just play this.

Well, the first time through it's funny. The second time through I wondered how many times they actually say "around the world". By the fifth time through I wanted to pull out my hair and shove it in my ears so I didn't have to hear it anymore. Then my brain decided to turn on, and I grabbed a pair of headphones, stuck them in his computer and handed them to him. Ah, peace and quiet. I'm not one to begrudge my kid the ability to listen to whatever music he enjoys (though I do pay attention to language and the message the songs portray). But other than that, he can listed to whatever genre makes him happy. And does, sometimes he plays classical music on his piano, sometimes he listens to country with me, other times he's listening to heavy metal, and now and then he listens to songs from animated films. I'm very happy that he has such broad interests. I just don't want to hear "Around the World" again, and wish it would stop playing in my head. AAAAAAHHHHHH Get Out Of My Brain!!!!

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