Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Underpaid!

A day in my work life. Get up and grab my BlackBerry, which has been buzzing at me to get up for at least a half an hour before I listen. Check my emails to see how many "emergencies" there are already. Depending on the day, either hop right on the computer or drive over an hour to the office to work. Paniced calls and emails, "the program isn't working", "XYZ template has a problem", "I need a report", and other such urgent issues that everyone needs handled that very minute or it's the end of the world.

This is the job I've come to love. Many of these issues I can handle in my sleep (which is a good thing since I'm not a morning person and everything before noon is pretty much in my sleep). Now for the fun part. I recently got a new boss. He's a great guy, and a great boss, but I haven't worked with him long enough to anticipate his needs or understand his unclear instructions. Add that to him not using our sales software for reporting needs like my last boss did, and he adds a lot to my workload. I have now been tasked to provide twice monthly reporting on the sales team and there is a very short window for completion of this reporting. The problem is, this reporting isn't easy or fast. I still need to do the rest of my job on top of pulling together these reports. That and depending on what day of the month the first and third Fridays occur, affects how long I have to get the reports done. Luckily this month the 1st Friday isn't until the 5th, so I have 4 full days to go my reports, but the 3rd is on the 16th in April, so I'll have about 2 hours. Is it possible? Who knows, with all the formulas and the automates system reports I've got in place, there is a chance that I can throw it all together that fast now (after putting in hours and hours to prep the reporting files), but I guess I'll find out.

I shouldn't complain, I have a good job and work with great people, but if I can't complain here to blow off steam, then how else can I blow off steam?

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