Monday, April 5, 2010


OK, I won't complain about being underpaid anymore. I talked to my boss about my impending move and the possibility of telecommuting. Here's how it went.

We were in his office with several other people having a meeting. The meeting ended and everyone else left. We were going to step right into another meeting with the new department Executive Assistant, when I said "Before you pull her in, can I talk to you?" His face reflected a little concern when he said sure and motioned for me to sit at the conference table. I took a deep breath not knowing how he would react to what I was about to say.

Not sure how to start, I just came out with it. "I'm moving." His face dropped. Shock at the suddenness was evident, as well as a minor freaking out knowing that I'm the only person in the company familiar enough with the system I manage, to actually manage it. Seeing his dismay, I felt it might work out. So I threw in, "and I'd like to talk to you about working from home full time instead of part time."

Relief flooded his face, and I almost smiled. He was more than happy to allow me to work from home full time. His only question was where was I moving to to be sure I was at least close to one of our locations (there's actually 3 in the city we're moving to, so no worries.)

One problem down, now I just need to get the house on a short sale, get out of it, and make the 2 day drive half way across the country. Not to mention finding a place to rent, and getting approved. and the hardest part, telling my family that we're actually moving. after 10 years of telling them we would be in the future, I don't think they believe it would ever happen.

Luckily DB & GB are excited about the idea and can't wait. Now that we've made the decision and finalized the difficult stuff, I feel like a load has been lifted from my shoulders. I'm happier and more relaxed than I have been in a long time.

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