Monday, July 19, 2010

Worst Customer Service Award of the Month Goes To...

After a month of dealing with old and new companies, moving half way across the country, and dealing with a stolen credit card number the search concluded for the company with the Worst Customer Service. Not only do they win for the month, they may just take the year. And the winner is.... Zoosk!

In the last month I've dealt with rental trucks, Realtors, rental agencies, various stores from grocery to thrift store, and even dealing with getting my new driver's license, all with wonderful service and great people. A few days ago I discovered my credit card number had been stolen and used online to make a couple purchases. Luckily I get notices in my email of all charges, an electronic receipt, so I knew the moment they happened. Well, you can bet I rushed right in and cancelled that card. The charges were still in their "Authorization" phase, not actually being charges yet, so I set about contacting the companies that charges had been made with to attempt to get them stopped. Smooth process until I get to this month's award winner.

Tried their customer service line and was greeted by a message that said they don't talk to people on the phone, if I'm a member I need to log into my account and if I'm reporting a fraudulent charge, I have to email them. That right there pushed them high up on my poor customer service list, a company that won't even talk to someone who had their card stolen and needs to report FRAUD? You'd think they would want to clear something like that up right away, but NO that would be too easy.

OK, I'll play their way, I emailed the email address and told them what happened. My number was stolen, and there is a fraudulent authorization for their company, I want to have it stopped before it's processed. Here's the lovely email I received back:


Thank you for contacting Zoosk and alerting us to this situation.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience with this unwanted charge. Since you aren't registered with our site, we do not have your name or email address in our records and we are not able to identify the account that used your credit card. It is likely that someone used your credit card number to make a fraudulent purchase on our site.

If you feel your card is lost or stolen, please follow this process:

1. Please immediately contact your credit card issuer and report unauthorized charges or close the account.
2. Dispute the charge(s) that you believe are not authorized through your credit card issuer.
3. The bank or credit card issuer will then file a claim with us. With this information, we can trace the payment, cancel the account that used your card, and issue appropriate credit.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Happy Zoosking!

Zoosk Customer Support

(Yes, I took out the rep's name). Well, now that seems a little odd to me, of course someone who is a victim of fraud wouldn't have the name and email of the person using their card. Why would they have a message saying to email them if they wouldn't do anything about it. So, I emailed back. Said I would gladly give them the account number on the card used, since it wasn't any good anymore anyway. I really would like to stop the charge, not wait for it to clear then dispute it and wait for the money to be posted back. Their response.... Nothing, not a word. They completely ignored my pleas for assistance, and instead let the charge go through. Now I have to jump through hoops to get it reversed. So, Zoosk wins this month's Worst Customer Service Award (it was so bad, I couldn't wait until the end of the month to announce it.). Congratulations Zooks on your less than prestigious award, and for making sure you didn't have a customer for life. You are officially in my "Companies I'm Never Doing Business With" file.

Until next time,
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