Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm a winner again!

Yesterday I posted my tasty winnings, and today I'm posting another winning! This time it is a lovely bracelet.

Thanks to the lovely creator at The Ivy Cottage Creations, I am not the sparkly owner of a silver floral bangle bracelet. It's very cute, and very me. Which probably explains why I'm wearing it right now.

Thank you for my new bracelet!

I've won 2 other prizes that I'm waiting on the arrival of. I'm thinking it's about time to share the wealth. I'm going to start a weekly link up, I'm thinking for Saturdays, to link up all the giveaways I find, and any that anyone wants to add. I'm also posting them to one of my Pinterest boards (ID TotallyRandomD if you want to find me before I get the blog all updated). In the not too distant future, I'll start doing giveaways again too.

Good luck all you future winners!


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