Friday, March 9, 2012

Farewell to Rob

Today we attended a memorial service for a friend. At 41, he died too young. It was sudden, a blood clot in his leg that broke lose and lodged in his heart. One minute he's posing and showing off the new kilt he made himself, and enjoying some french fries, the next he is gone.

We met Rob a couple months ago, through our kids. They had just moved to town, and his fiance's son and our son met at school about a week after they moved here. The boys became fast friends, so we headed over to meet the parents so the boys could spend the night together.

It took a matter of minutes to realize what a great guy Rob was. He had a perpetual smile and a positive attitude about everything. Even when talking about something bad that happened, such as a car accident right before Christmas, he looked at the positive side and the smile continued.

Listening to his family, friends and the preacher at the service, I realized that was Rob. Not only did he live life with a positive attitude, he was determined to make others happy as well. It was said that if you weren't smiling, that wouldn't last long around Rob.

Rob was a big kid, but in the best of ways. He had a joy for life that many of us lose as we get older and take on the responsibilities of life. He played his air guitar, collected toys, and played games with his sons. I don't think I've ever known a more genuinely happy person.

I heard a friend of his, talking to his fiance. He said that for a while Rob was in a bad place, then Kathy came along and he was a whole different person. Seeing them together for the last couple months, I believe that. They were very much in love.

So dear Rob, while you are gone from this existence, I know you lived a rich full life. It may have ended too soon, but you have been called home. Everyone is a little better for having known you. You served your country, had your pet charity, and loved your family and friends. You will be greatly missed, but will be in our hearts forever.

Farewell my friend,
The Blogoholic


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