Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cats are Weird

So there I was visiting with some family, when their cat jumped up on the coffee table. Nothing new there, I've seen cats do that. It was what happened next that was the weird part. Silly little kitty thought to himself, "hm, this bowl looks like a nice place to take a nap." So he climbed in, curled up and proceded to fall asleep. And there he stayed. Must have been comfy. My son spun the bowl in circles, and kitty didn't so much as meow. We left an hour or so later, and the cat was still asleep in the bowl.

I can honestly say I have never looked at a bowl and wanted to nap in it. Ever see a dog do that? Well, I have seen fish nap in bowls, but only when they live there. Well, Mister Kitty, I sure hope you liked it in there.

Until next time,

The Blogoholic


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