Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Spooky Sounds of the Night

I lay here in bed staring at the shapes in the ceiling. I can hear the whirling and faint ticking of the ceiling fan ticking. *rattle, rattle* What was that! I freeze for a moment and try and place the sound. Oh wait, that was just one of the dogs rolling around in her sleep, her tags clinking together. Then comes the creaking. Was that a footstep? Is there someone in my house? Oh no. What's going to happen now? I hold perfectly still, hold my breath, and listen harder. No more sounds. Well, perhaps I should feel comforted by the fact that we have an alarm system in place. Did I remember to set it? Shoot, get out of bed, go check the alarm. Yep, it's set. What am I so worried about?

I go back to bed, curl up with my blanket and close my eyes. What was that?! I don't recognize that sound. So many thoughts run through my head of all the things this person I'm sure has snuck into my house is planing to do. Do I wake up my husband? He still gives me a hard time about the last time I woke him up for nothing. Breath! The dogs aren't barking, so it's probably nothing, right? What if he's so quiet they haven't heard him yet? Stop it! Stop thinking all these things. There is no one in the house. It's just the creaking of the house settling. The normal typical noises of the night. I knew there was a reason I stay up so late that I'm exhausted by the time I go to bed. It's so I fall asleep before I can hear the creapy noises. Why is my house trying to scare me at night?

The house! It's not someone sneaking in, it's the house. It's haunted, or has a mind of it's own. What is it house? What did I do to you? What didn't I do? Would you like a new paint job? Maybe it didn't like the color from the last time. Maybe it's the flooring, what if the house liked the carpeting because it was warmer? . . . . .

OK, now I know I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. The house is trying to scare me because it liked the carpeting better? What is wrong with me? Have I completely lost it? No, just tired. Need to sleep. But the noises, the sounds, the spooky shadows in the night. How can I sleep? Must sleep, can't stay up anymore. Pull the blanket over my head, because every child knows that pulling the blanket over your head protects you from the evil in the night. So now I'm safe. Sleep must come now, it just has to . . .

Until next time,

The Blogoholic


The Queen of Clearance said...

I hate when this happens! We dont have an alarm system though, so it freaks me out even worse. I always wake up my husband and tell him to go check it out. hes even more afraid than I am normally though, so Im not sure what good it does!

Rhea@mommy23monkeys said...

This happens to me, too. I just hate it when I can't turn off my spinning mind!

Patty said...

Visiting from SITS. I stopped by your other blog. Congrats on losing weight. I also am on that constant journey.

And...I hate those night noises too.

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