Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Hate Ironing!

clothes iron
Why can't we make more fabrics that don't need to be ironed? We can make a car that can plug into our house. We've put men on the moon. We can make a box that can decode images sent from satellites in space (TV). So why do I have to stand by an ironing board with this silly gadget and try to get wrinkles out of my clothes? Is this really necessary? You'd think that somewhere along the line, someone with influence would just shout ENOUGH!!

People of the world unite! We will not iron our clothes. We will not pay someone else to iron them for us. We will not get to the hotel for a business trip, pull out a nice outfit for a business meeting only to realize that it's so wrinkled from the trip that we need to spend an hour ironing it! I'd rather spend that time in the jacuzzi. Now I know, there are some places out there making wrinkle free clothes, and I applaud them. {Hooray! Bravo! Clap, Clap, Clap} But it's not enough. Clothing manufactures everywhere, listen to me. Make more wrinkle free clothes! And make them less expensive. I can't pay $200 for a skirt, and $500 for the jacket to go with it. I don't even spend that on shoes!

But what difference can one little person make (OK, so I'm not all that little, but you know what i mean.) So until I can get a suit in wrinkle free fabric, I'll hang out in my t-shirts, jeans, and workout pants. . . Now look what you've done. If I'm in a t-shirt and workout pants already, I won't have a decent excuse not to workout. So now I'll start working out more, lose weight, and none of my clothes will fit. So I'll have to go out and buy more clothes (that probably won't be wrinkle free!) to replace my wardrobe. *Gasp* They're doing it on purpose... It's all a plot to get us to buy more clothes! How sneaky and manipulative. Will they stop at nothing. How dare the clothing manufactures trick us like this. It's appalling. Unite against the beast, don't fall for it, stay strong my sisters (and brothers), don't let them fool you into working out and potentially losing weight because the only thing that doesn't get wrinkled is your workout wear! Don't let them trick you so you have to buy a new wardrobe! . . .

....... I wonder if I've let my mind wander too much today.....

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there are cars that plug into houses??

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